SaLT Audio Trail 2019



The Audio trail will provide local, heritage information about significant heritage sites such as medieval churches, burial sites and places of interest as key points of reference in the landscape. We will illustrate the tour by providing historic information, local stories, literary and creative references. We want the tour to inspire visitors to enjoy heritage in an imaginative & informative way & to understand the importance of preserving this heritage for future generations

lookers hut

The Looker’s huts will become a central information heritage hut in St Mary in the Marshand St George’s church, Ivychurch. We have purchased two authentic heritage ‘Looker’s’ hut from a local farmer that are now restored as a multi purpose space ie exhibitions, information zone, focal point. We want the hut to act as a focal point to promote the audio trail and associated activities. We are currently exhibiting school children’s responses to the Psammead aka The Sand Fairy and we invite you to come and have a look this summer.



Join the SALT team for a charabanc trip to Romney Marsh to experience an audio trail of the sites located around the villages of Ivychurch, Old Romney and St Mary in the Marsh.
Meet the curator Susan Churchill and be guided around the unique marsh environment by local writer Sandra Elkins.
We will be stopping for lunch at The Star Inn in St Mary in the Marsh, a well known smugglers pub, or please feel free to bring your own packed lunch and refreshments.
The walk between the churches will be take approximately 1 hour 40 minutes at a comfortable strolling pace.


Lookers Hut exhibition

Groups of children from year 3, 4 and 5 from Brookland Primary School and Lydd Primary created visual and written responses to the book FIVE CHILDREN AND IT. The children had the unique opportunity of working with a local professional illustrator Emily Martin to explore a variety of creative methods such as collage, printing, calligraphy, creative writing and drawing.

The work is available to see at  Brookland church and at our 2 restored ‘horse drawn Looker’s huts’ located at St George’s church, Ivychurch and St Mary the Virgin church at St Mary in the Marsh.

Design,  Emily Martin

Design, Emily Martin

Download Trails

Here you can download self-guided audio trails for St Mary in the Marsh, Ivychurch and Old Romney. The trails contain original audio from volunteers who have lived and worked in the area. This is an original audio that has been recorded using local residents, actors, local experts and vocalists. We would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the participants, volunteers and to the sound editor Diane Dunn for bringing their experiences, skills and time to this project. The trail can be short ambles around the churchyard to full scale rambles across the marsh, we make suggestions for excursions on the audio but the map gives some local ideas for driving, cycling or walking. You choose. 

Please be aware that drivers use Ashford Rd as a fast cut through to New Romney, take added precaution when near this road.

How do I access the SaLT Trail audio?
Download using the links below; transfer the mp3 files to an mp3 player or borrow an MP3 and headphones at the churches.

Are there maps of the area?

There are FREE maps available at our information points : The Looker’s Huts located at St Mary’s and St George’s churchyards.

Follow this link to our customised route using footpaths

Follow this link to a google maps route using main roads

How do I get there?
St Mary in the Marsh TN29 0BX

By car, using Google maps/ SatNav, via A259 that runs between Rye and Folkestone

By Train nearest train station Appledore or Hamstreet (Brighton to Ashford line) you need a bike to get from here as limited public transport

By Bus via 101 102 from Lydd to Hastings.

By miniature steam railway RHDR from Hythe to Dungeness nearer station is New Romney of a request stop at St Mary’s Bay

How about a ramble before lunch?

There are excellent pubs at the end of each walk at The Star Inn St Mary in the Marsh, The Bell Ivychurch and if you are cycling The Red Lion at Snargate. We recommend planning your trip and if weather is good travel with supplies as there is limited access to shops.

Download links below: 

Only download the trails if you accept that the creators of the trails cannot be held liable for any injury, harm or loss suffered when experiencing these walking/cycling trails.. We recommend spending time in the church or churchyard and enjoying the audio at each location. We want the audio to inspire you to enjoy the landscape through the eyes of those who have described, painted, filmed, written poetry and explored Romney Marsh with such detail. We hope you enjoy the trails as much as we have in doing the research.

summer view from the footpath

summer view from the footpath


The church at St Mary’s is immediately associated with Edith Nesbit who is buried here. There is the original memorial to her, made by her husband, inside the church and a wooden replica of the memorial in the churchyard. E Nesbit is best known for writing The Railway Children but actually supported herself and her family through her work, she produced over 60 books. Edith developed a new approach to children’s writing by combining fantasy with realism, a style much admired by JK Rowling . Edith was also a political activist and co-founded the Fabian Society. The Edith Nesbit Society celebrate Edith’s birthday every year at this church.

paying our respects in the churchyard

paying our respects in the churchyard


St Clement’s church sits on one side of the A259 and the remainder of the village on the southside of this busy thoroughfare. However, originally Old Romney was the site of the original port for Romney. The church, constructed in the 12th century, boasts a crusader tomb, Georgian minstrels' gallery and pink box pews. The pink colour was introduced during the filming of the 1962 Disney film The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh based on the Dr Syn series written by Russell Thorndike.

St George’s church tower and clock

St George’s church tower and clock


There is evidence that St George’s church dates to the twelfth century. It is called the cathedral of the marsh (on Romney Marsh) because of its impressive size. The nave was cleared of it’s box pews in early 19th C, and offers visitors a great opportunity to look at the roof structure and the newly restored medieval window. The North Aisle contains a museum style collection of agricultural equipment and its flag stones are a reminder of how churches in rural England would regularly be used to store livestock.


SaLT trail

trail research - local historians and multi-media practitioners working with volunteers to develop new trails for sites located around the villages of Ivychurch, Old Romney & St Mary in the Marsh. We want to engage local people by providing practical training in historical research, recording oral history and media production.
mapping and accessibility - maps and audio guides will be made available online to reach local and worldwide audiences, these can be downloaded to mobile phones or portable media players. We aim to train volunteers in tour guiding and specialist leadership skills and involve them in organising specialist community group tours

walking & listening - trail routes will give a walking tour of key local heritage sites There will be options for short ambles to longer rambles. Research information, maps and playlists will be available as downloads but also as hard copies in mobile Looker’s huts located at the beginning and end of the trails.