In 2018 we started working UCA MA Architecture students. We invited the students to imagine a community hub design for St Mary in the Marsh. 
The brief is for a multipurpose space, low impact, responding to the local vernacular, history and landscape 


Image 1

Astro-Lodge, this design is focussed on celebrating the night sky and provides a number of viewing platforms that can be used for daytime bird watching and night time star-gazing. It also has a sensory garden in the centre of the building. 


Image 2

Inglorious Remembrance the Pillbox design, this design is a monumental and sculptural response to the brief. It references the ‘pillbox’ WWII military structure which, in the middle of a residential rural neighbourhood, might create discussions and debate.


Image 3

Rural Decay, this design is an ‘inside-out greenhouse’. The intention
is for the plants to grow over the structure, allowing the internal space
to be used for a variety of uses.