St Peter and St Paul, Newchurch


St Peter and St Paul

Newchurch, despite it’s name, dates to 13th century, It has the most green and wildlife friendly churchyard with a pond area that encourages amphibians and invertebrates. You can sit on the bench next to the pond and enjoy the peace and quiet

The general structure of the church has suffered from serious subsidence and has acquired buttresses to prevent the tower collapsing. The doors that lead from the tower into the churchyard are peppered with shot, the legacy from smuggler days when the church would often be used as a ‘safe house’.

The church has a well cared for interior, with a museum space that provides lots of useful historic information about the village.


Lee Berwick

For this commission, Lee will develop a multi channel film and sound installation. He will explore subjects as diverse as .Military paranoia, Invasion, Brexit, and Frogs. He plans to bring together film, video and sound recordings form a personal and lengthy exploration of the Royal military canal. The result of 3 years exploring, recording and filming across Romney Marsh Recent presentations include :-Native Ears, Sweden June 2019,Suspended, Tbilisi, Georgia June 2019,Night sight, Clearwell caves Nov 2018,Sonic Anomaly, Viewpoints Festival Hartlepool, Sept 2018.


Emily Whitebread

Emily Whitebread (b.1987) AiRM project will look at her sensual and somatic feelings towards Dungeness.

Recent presentations include Residency, Lumen (2019) Water Garden, Crate (2019) Sophia, her-gallery (2018)

reed experiments.JPG

Jane Bravery and Sara Trillo

Jane Bravery’s AiRM project is in collaboration with Sara Trillo, and is a performative quest, that celebrates the abundance of the Marsh,and the balanced harvest moment of the Equinox. Jane’s work with the Artist Collective AMWP (Art and Music in Wild Places), includes ‘Dialogue 2 - The Sea’ for Whitstable Biennale Satellite (2018), ‘Equinox - A Dialogue with Nature’ (2017) for Stour Valley Creative Partnership/Forestry Commission, King’s Wood, Kent.

Sara's recent projects include residencies in Arnis, Germany (September 2018), and Fructôse, Dunkerque (July 2019), with an upcoming Summer Camp residency at Eastside Projects, Birmingham.