2019 SaLT Trail


Emily Martin

Brookland Primary School and Lydd Primary school for inviting us to work with their year 3, 4 and 5 groups to make visual and written responses to the book FIVE CHILDREN AND IT. The children had the unique opportunity of working with a local professional illustrator Emily Martin to explore a variety of creative methods such as collage, printing, calligraphy, creative writing and drawing.

The work is available to see at  Brookland church and at our 2 restored ‘horse drawn Looker’s huts’ located at St George’s church, Ivychurch and St Mary the Virgin church at St Mary in the Marsh.

Emily Martin

SaLT trail

trail research - local historians and multi-media practitioners working with volunteers to develop new trails for sites located around the villages of Ivychurch, Old Romney & St Mary in the Marsh. We want to engage local people by providing practical training in historical research, recording oral history and media production.

mapping and accessibility - maps and audio guides will be made available online to reach local and worldwide audiences, these can be downloaded to mobile phones or portable media players. We aim to train volunteers in tour guiding and specialist leadership skills and involve them in organising specialist community group tours

walking & listening - trail routes will give a walking tour of key local heritage sites There will be options for short ambles to longer rambles. Research information, maps and playlists will be available as downloads but also as hard copies in mobile Looker’s huts located at the beginning and end of the trails.